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I will be taking part in an amazing LifeChanger Challenge journey to raise awareness and support for the LifeChanger Foundation.

LifeChanger is a preventative mental health and well-being non-profit that empowers young people to live, thriving, resilient lives. 

The challenges young people face today are unprecedented and confronting. The statistics are alarming. Mental health, anxiety, bullying, obesity, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, addiction and youth suicide present a challenging landscape for all families.

To support LifeChanger programs, a diverse group of 11 Carlisle Team Members will set off on an adventure of a lifetime - no luxuries, no titles, and no excuses. On the 11th of March 2023, following a 6-week intensive training program, our trekkers will complete a 4-day hike through the Walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania.  

With minimal to no hiking experience, our courageous (and slightly nervous) trekkers are ready to discover their strengths and push themselves to their limits.

Please make a donation and support my challenge.

Thanks for being a LifeChanger!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tam Ta

Matt go Matt!


Bimal Lakshitha

Great stuff, Matt!


Jeremy Bree

Good luck on the walk, great cause


Emma Crosby



Good on you Matt. Great effort, worthy cause



Lean into the hill and let the hill do the work. Just keep swimming… just keep swimming.


Umar Akram

Good luck, have a great experience


Brock & Lexi Rowan

Proud of you uncle Bing


Ed Sheaf

Well done mate! Good luck on the adventure.


Annie Rowan

So proud of you 😊


Peter Barnes

Go well Binga



Love your work Binga!


Sezzy Rowan

Couldn't be prouder. Forever the GOAT.


Wes Potter

Great work Matt, Proud of you taking this walk on for such a good cause.


Wayne Zaat


Daniel Scarff

A good bloke for a good cause. Nice work, Matt!


The Copley’s

Good luck!



Such a great cause. All the best.


Amit Patel

Good luck Matt


The Shorts

Good luck on the hike binga


Brendan Rowan

Good luck for all of us


Heather Blair

Good luck Matt!



You go glen coco!!!


Sam Curtis

All the best Bing, from The Curtis'




Brad Smith


Amalie Silva

Good work Matt! Hope you enjoy the hike...


Katie Brown

Goodluck Matt . Such a wonderful thing to do with a life changing cause . So proud of you x


Shain H

Well done Matt, good luck with the 3-day trek!


Pardha Andey

Good Luck on the hike


Rhett Beere

Great cause for our children!