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Carlisle Homes are up for the Challenge!

As one of Australia's leading residential builders, the strength of our business lies in our understanding and care towards the importance of family. We do this by providing beautiful family homes that foster a sense of pride and security. We also believe that our corporate influence and positive impact on communities does not need to stop there...

LifeChanger is a preventative mental health and wellbeing non-profit that empowers young people to live thriving, resilient lives. LifeChanger believes that many of the confronting challenges and alarming statistics that face today's youth are preventable through pre-emptive, early intervention programs that build self esteem, self awareness, positive self identity and resilience. 

To support LifeChanger's programs, a diverse group of 12 Carlisle Homes team members will set off on the adventure of a lifetime - no luxuries, no titles, no excuses! Participants prepare for a physical, spiritual and emotional journey of self discovery in one of Australia's most spectacular locations; a 4 day hike throughout the beautiful, yet challenging, Walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania. 

This is an incredible opportunity for these individuals to discover their strength - both individually and collectively - while also learning about the importance of self-care, teamwork, leadership, and connection. 

With minimal to zero hiking experience, our courageous (and slightly nervous) Trekkers are:

  • Cat Nguyen - Finance 
  • Daniel Breen - Construction - North 
  • Emma Borg - Operations - Sales Estimating 
  • Didier Ducasse - Operations - Sales Estimating 
  • Melanie Hogg - Legal 
  • Rhiannon Liebe  Opperations - North 
  • Hollie McGillivray - Opperations - West 
  • Andrew Sutherland - Drafting 
  • Matthew Crosby - IT
  • Tayla Allen - CLE - North 
  • Janine Armstrong - Marketing
  • Rachel Kadjakoro - CLE - EL 

You can track our team members on the Leaderboards! Your support - both moral and/or financial - will help LifeChanger empower teens across Australia and New Zealand.

What support would you have liked at the age of 13?

Life can be challenging, but it can also be whatever you make it.

Facing challenges, growing and finding our way through, builds resilience and ultimately character. Often these challenging times are where we learn the most.

At LifeChanger we believe many of today's alarming youth statistics are preventable through pre-emptive, early intervention programs, that build self-esteem and awareness, positive self-identity and resilience. 

By taking part in LifeChanger Challenges you will be helping today's youth navigate life's challenges, empowering them with the courage to thrive.

Infinite Possibilities!

Scott Watters
Founder | CEO

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